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We’re ready for fresh.
That’s why we’re Frisk.

Nourishing Meals

Our prepared meals are made by loving hands, taking care to use only the freshest ingredients from locally grown, natural produce to grass-fed meats. Some substitutions may occur depending upon seasonality and availability. We appeal to individual tastes so we think it’s important to allow you to create your own prepared meals, whether designed to fit a specific fitness regimen, a weight goal or just the convenience of having meals delivered.

All of Frisk’s prepared meals are nut free and dairy free. With the exception of meals selected with rice (we cannot guarantee if the rice we source was processed with other grains not classified as gluten free), all our meals are gluten free, as well. Where we are able, we have indicated with the following icons:


Customizable & Economical
Starting as little as $5.99 each, Frisk’s prepared meals are priced to save you the trip to the store and prep time. We’ve provided a number of options to choose from, with plenty of wiggle room if you want to customize your meals to optimize calorie intake, build muscle mass, accommodate food sensitivities or you’re just proud to be picky. Of course, we’ve tried to anticipate as many variations as possible but we’re open to hearing from you just in case we’ve overlooked something.

Delivered & Delicious-worthy
Frisk meals are delivered fresh, weekly, to a number of designated pickup locations conveniently located in Ashland, Jacksonville and Medford or, for an additional fee, home delivered. And because we believe those of us who choose to eat healthy shouldn't have to sacrifice deliciousness, we guarantee our meals are Frisk delicious!

à la carte Menu Builder

Build your own prepared meals with your choice of one protein, carb and veggie. Select from a variety of options in each category.


A selection of omelettes with a variety of proteins and veggies, Frisk’s basic breakfast or less traditional breakFrisk fare. 


Just to add a little pomp to our circumstance, we’ve provided some of our Frisk favorites. 

Green Smoothies

Green and delicious made with organic fruits and fresh greens.

Easy-Order Prix Fixe Plans

Choose from among 20-, 40-, 60- or 80-meal Easy Order Prix Fixe Plans.

Bulk Orders and Sides

Proteins, Carbs, and veggies are available for purchase by the pound (subject to availability).