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5 Steps to Get Started: 

Frisk strives to prepare every meal with only the freshest ingredients from locally grown, sustainable farmers who provide natural produce and grass-fed meats. Some substitutions may occur depending upon seasonality and availability. 

Our meals are delivered fresh, weekly, to a number of designated pickup locations conveniently located in Ashland, Jacksonville and Medford or, for an additional fee, to your home. And because we believe those who choose to eat healthy shouldn't have to sacrifice convenience or deliciousness. We guarantee our meals are Frisk delicious!

Step 1: Choosing meals

Decide if you want to designate which protein, veggie and carbs are combined in creating each of your meals or if you trust Frisk to do it for you. If you want to take the time to design a specific menu for your weekly delivery, try our à la carte Menu Builder. Or enjoy the same delicious protein, veggie and carb choices designed for you with our Prix Fixe Meal Plans. And if budget is a consideration, our Prix Fixe plans are less than the cost of à la carte items. If you need special accommodations made to your meal plan for dietary or allergen reasons, we’ve provided a comment area at check out. 

NOTE: Prix Fixe weekly meal plans are defined by a five-day week, Monday through Friday.

Step 2: Submit your order before midnight on Thursday

Select your best meal options for the week and submit your online order. You will be prompted to choose the Pickup Location (Store Pickup) closest to you or home delivery. All orders submitted by midnight Thursday will be delivered the following Monday. 

You will be assigned a crate number once you place your order. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your meal order, your crate/tote number assignments and your pickup location or home delivery. Depending upon the size of your order, your email confirmation will instruct you to either pick up an entire crate or directed to a crate containing one or more meal tote(s). In some cases, you may be picking up (or we may be delivering) more than one crate and/or tote(s). 

Step 3: Meal pickup or delivery (and our Frisk Freshness Guarantee)

Meal Pickup: Each week your order will be delivered to your desired pickup location packed in our specially designed, hand-crafted, insulated Frisk Crates. We recommend carrying the crate by the handles only if it contains fewer than 10 meals. Otherwise, please pick up the crate from the bottom. If your order is 16 meals or more, you will be assigned your own individual crate(s). Orders of 15 or fewer meals will be assigned one or more insulated totes and stored inside crates. Each Frisk crate is numbered. 

Home Delivery: For an additional fee, we will deliver your weekly order, packed in our specially designed, hand-crafted, insulated Frisk Crates, right to your front door. Orders of 15 or fewer meals will be assigned one or more insulated totes. You can opt-in for home delivery at check out. The home delivery fee is just $5 per week. (Monthly meal plans account for 4 weekly deliveries).

We cannot accommodate special requests other than to leave at your doorstep. Home Delivery orders will arrive between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. every Monday. You will need to leave your previous weeks crate(s) or tote(s) on your front porch in exchange for your next delivery. If you do not order meals for the following week delivery you must bring your crate or tote to one of our pickup locations. 

NOTE: Per our Frisk Policy, unreturned crates and totes will be subject to a replacement fee of $50 (for each crate) and $25 (for each tote). 

Frisk Freshness Guarantee: Your meals will be hand-packed in our hand-crafted, insulated Frisk Crates, allowing us to deliver on our Frisk Freshness Guarantee. Our crates are designed to keep your meals fresh for up to twelve (12) hours, allowing plenty of time for you to pick them up. Be sure you are aware of the available pickup times at your designated Pickup Location (some locations have restricted times for pickup). DO NOT REMOVE THE ICE PACKS that are inside the crates. They are there to ensure freshness.

Extended Freshness: We recommend transferring your meals to a refrigerator as soon as possible to maintain extended freshness. All expiration dates are clearly marked on each Frisk container. Frisk meals can last up to six days, provided they properly transported in an insulated bag or cooler and refrigerated as soon as possible. 

For more information about keeping specific types of food fresh longer we recommend this FoodKeeper App from

Step 4: Meal tips for reheating 

Frisk Meals are purposely cooked al dente (not too soft; firm to the bite) so proteins, veggies and carbs won’t be over-cooked when reheated. Microwave 1:30 to 3 minutes. We recommend popping a corner of the lid to vent. DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC CONTAINERS IN A TOASTER OVEN OR TRADITIONAL OVEN.

If you prefer your meals oven-heated, we recommend placing your Frisk Meal on aluminum foil and in an oven-safe container and heat to desired temperature.

Meals can also be skillet re-heated. Place in stove-top pan on medium heat for 5-10 minutes.


Step 5: Frisk Crates and Totes exchange

Empty crates and totes must be returned each Monday to the same designated pickup location that you initially collected your order. Crates and totes must be returned whether you are picking up another order or not. NOTE: Per our Frisk Policy, unreturned crates and totes will be subject to a replacement fee of $50 (for each crate) and $25 (for each tote). 

Go green: We are proud to be green. Not only do we believe in using the freshest greens in our meals but we also believe in reusable and recyclable goods. Which is why we ask that you rinse out your smoothie jars and return them to us when you pick up your next order.